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All types of Office Partitions – Office Fitouts  and Office Refurbishments

Fire Rated Walls & Ceilings:

Celtic Ceilings & Partitions are commercial building contractors specialising in office fitouts and office refurbishments including suspended ceilings, metal stud partitions, glazed aluminium partitions, drywall office partitions, glass office partitions, commercial carpentry, drywall plastering,  and office strip-outs in shops, offices, and commercial buildings throughout Melbourne and CBD.
With over 30 years’ experience in all types of Suspended Ceilings & Office Partition Systems, we can offer an affordable solution to your office fit out & refurbishment requirements.
We supply & install a wide range of wall & partition systems including Aluminium glass partitions, Office partitions, Metal stud partitions, Glazed aluminium partitions, Frameless glass partitions, Demountable office partitions and Timber stud & plasterboard partitions.

Metal Stud  & Glazed Aluminium Partition Systems:

Celtic Ceilings & Partitions are leading installers of Steel Stud Drywall Partitions, Acoustic Office Partitions, Glazed Aluminium Partition and Glass Wall Partitions throughout Melbourne CBD.

Metal Stud Office Partitions:
Metal stud & plasterboard partitions can be used in all types of buildings to divide space or create defined areas in residential, recreational and industrial settings.
Lightweight and easy to install, metal stud partitions can provide significant savings over masonry alternatives as they take less manpower, fewer resources and less time to construct.
All Metal Stud systems are easy to integrate into both existing interiors and new designs, making them ideal for any application.
Metal Stud Office Partitions Systems or steel stud & plasterboard walls are a versatile and efficient partitioning system easily upgraded to fireproof or acoustic, and are a cost effective multipurpose system suitable for all types of buildings including shopping centres, hospitals, schools, offices, medical centres, factory’s, warehouses, shops and retail fit outs.
Metal Studs Partitions are available in 50mm, 64mm, 75mm, 92mm and 150mm ”Jumbo Studs” used in areas such as factory and warehouse fire walls and can have up to 4 hours fire rating with excellent acoustics.
Metal stud office partition systems are used for both domestic and commercial purposes because of their versatility as well as having excellent levels of fire protection and noise reduction.
Multiple types of metal stud partition systems can be used to create a framework to which plasterboard is then fixed providing a much faster and cost effective alternative to other available office partition methods.

High specs – High performance – Office partitions:
Metal stud partitions are extremely versatile, with different stud options available for specific requirements such as fire resistance, noise and heat insulation, moisture resistant and impact resistant where required and are widely used in healthcare and education settings and for hygienic areas such as kitchens and in heavy-duty areas such as school corridors.

Aluminium & Frameless Glass Office Partitions:                                                                     
Aluminium Partitions sometimes referred to as glass walls or glass partitions, are constructed entirely of glass modules held in place by silicone  with aluminium channels at the head and base with no intermediate posts.
Curved or straight glass and aluminium partitions can be installed to give offices a unique look, ideal for a modern open plan office allowing light   to flow through providing a bright and natural environment.
Double glazed aluminium partitions save energy and minimises noise.
Frameless glass partitions have a clear aesthetic value bringing both a modern and contemporary feel to your working environment

Timber Stud Partitions & Plasterboard  Walls:
Timber stud & plasterboard partitions can be used as load bearing walls or in areas such as bathrooms where fixings are required for hand rails, towel rails or hand-basins.
 Timber Partitions walls can be assembled on site or pre-fabricated off site.

Demountable Office Partition Systems:
Demountable Partitions are an efficient, economic and user friendly system which can be installed and relocated with minimum disruption to staff.
Demountable Office Partitions can be full height solid, full height glass or part solid, part glass.
Door thickness 35mm or 44mm, in glazed aluminium or timber.

Office Partitions completed on time and on budget

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