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Celtic Ceilings & Partitions Supply and Install all types of Suspended Ceilings including
Acoustic Grid and 
Tile Ceilings ~ Plasterboard Ceilings and Bulkheads ~ Metal Pan Ceilings ~ Fire Rated Ceilings

We offer a wide range  of services and packages including installation and replacement of damaged or aged ceiling tiles

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With over 30 years experiance in all aspects of  office fit-outs including Suspended Ceilings we can offer an affordablesolution to your Ceiling requirements.

Suspended Ceilings make a room much more attractive and efficient providing acoustic and thermal insulation improves sound quality

Suspended ceiling add an integral dimension to the aesthetic appeal of your office space and are important feature when producing a modern and welcoming environment.
Celtic Ceilings & Partitions specialise in all types of suspended grid and tile and suspended plasterboard ceilings in commercial and retail buildings throughout Melbourne.
provide advice on the best ceiling for your business whether it’s for soundproofing, impact resistance or fire rating purposes.
Our Melbourne based team can also aid with design of suspended ceilings and work directly with architects or builders to provide a hassle-free ceiling installation.

Suspended Plasterboard Ceilings:
Suspended plasterboard ceilings can be installed in various locations using different types of plasterboard such as moisture resistant for bathrooms and kitchens, impact resistant for sports areas, sound and fire proofing as required.
Special features such as Bulkheads and Light troughs can be created with suspended plasterboard ceilings in boardroom or reception areas.
Canopy ceilings create a floating effect and are ideal for reception areas work stations and meeting areas within open spaces.
Plasterboard Ceilings are usually installed in food preparation areas. • Standard Plasterboard Ceilings in normal areas. • Fire resistant plasterboad ceilings in areas where fire protection is required. • Moisture resistant plasterboard in bathrooms & Showers • Foil backed plasterboard where vapour control is required • Acoustic plasterboard where privacy is required.

Suspended Acoustic Grid & Tile Ceilings
Suspended grid ceilings fitted with acoustic ceiling tiles are used mainly in commercial buildings such as offices, shops and retail stores as they offer better acoustics.
Plaster and vinyl tiles are ideal for factory or warehouse fit outs and although they don’t provide the same acoustic ratings as acoustic tiles they are more durable and less prone to damage.

Suspended Ceilings Tiles:            
Standard tile size (1.2 x 0.6m or 0.6 x 0.6m) grid system, with square or tegular edged tiles.
Deciding on suitable suspended ceiling will play a major part in any office refurbishment as there’s a vast range of systems to choose from.
Suspended grid and tile ceilings and suspended plasterboard ceilings are the most popular and economical.

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Services Include:
 Office Fitouts & Refurbishment                       
• Glass Aluminium Office Partitions              
• Suspended Ceilings                                              
• Frameless Glass Walls
• Commercial Carpentry
• Fire Rated Walls and Ceilings
• Drywall Plastering Services

• Strip Out & Tenancy Make Good


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